Rio Celeste, Costa Rica

Photo: @lfelipe.mendez

Source: Instagram 

It is magical, the creamy sky blue water cascades over the cliff edge and flows softly over rounded stones. Green shrubs hang lightly over the river, hugging it safely. Like a fairy tale, the blue lagoon waters melt into the hazy green backdrop and I am almost certain I will see some mystical animal paddling a canoe emerge from the mist. No candle lit lanterns emerge so I sit in the shade and pump milk for Theo. He is on a nursing strike and it is fairly devastating for me. It’s too hot to be shy about pumping…. sorry tour group.

Some hot springs join the party, bubbling up like a witches caldron. I’ve never seen such inviting water… so of course the entire Rio Celeste is off limits for swimming. I illegally dip my toes in from atop the bridge… sigh… it is the most perfect temperature. Of course.

The phenomena of this river starts where 2 small clear rivers collide. The pH change at the mixing point apparently increases the particle size of a mineral present in the river (aluminosilicates). The particular size of the aluminosilicate present here disperses only blueish tones of white light…creating the characteristic colour of Rio Celeste… so, basically magic.

Made by: kyleandzoe, A Sanctuary of Peace in Rio Celeste, March 23, 2016



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