Orlando, Florida, USA

Photo: @lfelipe.mendez

Source: Instagram 

Walt Disney’s dynamic vision to bring joy into the living room of every household through enriching entertainment on our screens was a bold ambition; one which seemed unfruitful, laborious and ahead of its time. Yet with his sheer determination, will and drive from the very beginning to do more than just succeed in his field, Disney pioneered animation, film and audio technologies in ways never before imagined. Without his dedication to his art, we would never have been immersed in the wondrous universe he created, or have discovered the one and only Mickey Mouse. Most of all, without his ongoing legacy, planning for the future and support by Imagineers who shared his passion, we would never have been able to visit the real life Neverland which is Walt Disney World, Florida.

‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ is no understatement for Walt Disney’s vacationland, which was opened by his brother Roy on October 1st 1971. This place has had a huge impact on myself and my family, as it has done and will continue to spell-bound the millions who walk through its gates everyday. Since we first visited in 2014, and again in April this year, a day hasn’t gone by where we haven’t felt that heart-wrenching feeling of being away from the Disney magic. Missing the smell of candy as you walk down Main Street USA. The overwhelming emotion when watching the fireworks. The feeling of excitement in your stomach as you reach the front of the queue to meet your favourite character. The post-Disney-trip-depression is real and it hits hard.

Away from my second home, I have tried to fill this mouse-shaped hole in my heart by reminiscing over those precious few days spent in Orlando, watching other people’s Walt Disney World vlogs on YouTube till my eyes are square and reading up on every rumour and news of developments within the parks from a whisper to a full scale plan. Yet I still feel lost. Without another trip booked for me to plan down to the last Fastpass, life has felt empty. You can only make so many WDW similes to your clueless friends in every conversation before you realise they probably think you have a problem…

Made by: apixiedustdream, “It Was All Started By A Mouse”, July 13, 2016

Source: apixiedustdream.wordpress.com


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