Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA

Photo: @where_is_faye

Source: Instagram 

Recently, I had the good fortune to make a trip to the arid lands of Arizona and visited some marvels of nature. The Grand Canyon is truly grandiose in all aspects. The sheer enormity of it is overwhelming. I have never seen valleys so impressive and ancient on earth. These deep gorges have been formed into the earth due to water rushing between the rocks over millions of years. The canyon is so huge, wide and deep that pictures cannot do justice to the way it captivates your eyes.

Looking into the canyon stirred a lot of emotions in me. The area is so well carved by the Colorado river that I couldn’t help but stare, completely lost in thought, imagining the processes that led to the formation of this masterpiece. Nature is capable of creating such unique art on the canvas of the earth’s surface.

Made by: wingsofnefelibata, Contemplating About Canyons, July 7, 2016



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